Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Modern Touch in Natural Color

Creating a great hotel interior and exterior, such as in Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, will help to make the guest feel comfort and enjoy the place. This is something important that mostly forget by the designer. Most of the people thinking of expensive furniture or a luxury services. But choosing a good exterior and interior is actually one of the important point too. Therefore, to make sure the guest will feel happy, take a look below a concept that bring to Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel by Joycewang.

The Bar

One of the interesting place to stay the night is to hang out inside the bar. Therefore, making a bar look nice and comfort but also minimalis and modern at the same time might need some time. Therefore, to make sure the bar area feel so chic, it has been added by choosing natural color such as brown and cream that can easily mixture with other type of interior or exterior.

Swimming Pool

Looking at the hotel facility, the swimming pool area is design with minimalist style. Such as white chairs combine with the hotel exterior design that simple and not too much. It can be seen clearly below. Therefore, the hotel area is look comfortable and relaxing.

The Lobby

The lobby area and the bar are look so chic. Still with natural color domination, the area look so stylish but with comfortable furniture to support the ambience. It make the guest who stay in the hotels feel joyful and relax. The lighting also look nice and sufficient. Furthermore, the overall design is match each other and make the people who relaxing in this area feel enjoyable.

The Bed

Looking at the bed room area, the room in each hotel is designed with fabulous interior. The overall color is focus on natural color. Such as a natural brown that combine with suitable furniture. It also have a good lightning arrangement. Furthermore, it also complete with a minimalist bed and table that arrange in a compact design.

Those all the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that can consider as one of the expensive hotel in its place. Through the hotel exterior and interior, it bring a natural ambience with classic domination around the hotel room. Not only that, it also bring a minimalist point of view. Therefore, not only look classic but also modern and stylish too. (Source: Joycewang)

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