Brooktree Interiors, A Warm Concept House With A Fresh Look

Another beautiful house interior project has done in Los Angeles, California. Booktree interiors bring another point of view for choosing the suitable furniture that inline with the interior concept. Not only make the house look nice and comfortable, it also successfully make the house look minimalist and green. Support by a good landscape design and various way of arranging the furniture, it make the house surroundings beautiful and look green too. For further details, below are several pictures related with Booktree interiors.

The Front Area

Looking at the concept that developed in the backyard and the front area, it can be seen below that the house is full with green plants. Therefore, it will make the house feel comfort and better. Furthermore, it make the house look fresh too. It helps those living in the area enjoy the beautiful landscape every time they seek outside the window.

The Bed Room

If we’re looking at the bed room area, it also clearly show that this house concept is an open window. Therefore, it let people easily check the surrounding through the wide window in all of the rooms. The selected furniture also bright and minimalist. Not to forget adding some plants and suitable lighting for a great overall look.

The Dining Room

The dining room and its surrounding also has the same concept. Minimalist but look fresh. Still rich with full lighting, either from the room or from the sunlight outside, the house feel warm and very comfortable at the same time. See below pictures for more ideas on Brooktree interiors.

The Bathroom

Uniquely, the bathroom area also receive a direct sunlight from the roof. This is uncommon design that perform by most of the people. Normally, the bathroom receive lighting from the lamp. But here, during daylight, the bathroom can receive a lot of sunlight that will make the area feel bright and warm too.

Those all a little explanation and concept of Brooktree interiors. A sample of minimalis style that surrounds with perfect green landscape backyard. The house interior also selected carefully so that the whole atmosphere of the house is feel fresh and awesome. Therefore, if looking for a unique concept in tropical countries, this interior can be selected as a choice. (Source: Marmol Radziner)

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