Omnia Dayclub Bali, A Remarkable Awesome Hotel

If you wish to have a remarkable view on Bali Island, then this place might be a suitable choose to stay. Omnia Dayclub Bali offer an awesome view with rare experience. Therefore, this place is one of the amazing place to stay in this Island of Gods. If feel curious on further information about this hotel, check several overviews below.

The View

Located in the side of a cliff, this place offer an awesome view that you might never seen before. Consist of several types of natural view making this hotel bring several options for their visitor. Whether they loves the view of the blue ocean, or the green rice field. It is your decision to select which side is more remarkable than another.

The Restaurant

Not only offers a great view, it also has an authentic restaurant that completed with special ambience. Therefore, the restaurant in this place will bring you a romantic lunch and dining experience ever. Starting from the view that faces the ocean up to the Japanese style interior that full of natural color. This will let people feel not only peace and calm, but also happier and relaxing.

Exterior and Interior

Looking at the overall design, the concept of this hotel will offer the visitor all the modern interior design. It also can be seen through the cube exterior that combine with beautiful view around it. If we see in the pictures above, Omnia Dayclub Bali successfully attract people by the remarkable point of view combine with luxury touch that incredible and amazing. This is why this place is one of the must visit place in Bali. Furthermore, the minimalis design in their pool area making this hotel feel so charming and comfortable at the same time. It let our imagination fly out of the city and feels like we’re staying in heaven. Yes, it make you fly high!

Omnia Dayclub Bali, a project done by Rockwell Group, s one of the great design that shows the world that any of the imagination can do come true. Therefore, never feel worthless to have an experience staying in this place. Whether only to have a dinner, or even swimming during your hot day. Believe me, it is worth every penny! (Source : Rockwellgroup)

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