Avra Madison, Authentix Luxurious Restaurant

Avra Madison is one of the unique and classic restaurant located in New York. It is TAO’s Group second restaurant and re-created in an open air villa. Not only classic, this restaurant is famous with its luxury ambience that create a different dinner sensation. Therefore, many people curious to experience a lovely meal inside this place. If interest to know further on the design and interior, below are several overview of the restaurant.

The Interior

The mixture of white oak and white marble in the restaurant create a luxurious look in the interior design. Therefore, this idea bring an excellent ambience for those whose looing for a romantic dinner with suitable dining interior. It clearly shown in the pictures below, how the restaurant mix one into another color in the room. So that people will enjoy staying there all over the night just to finish their meal while talking each other with the family or their friends.

The Bar Ambience

Not only full with great interior, it also created with awesome interior. It clearly seen in the bar area on how they arrange all the wine bottle and the glass in luxurious way. Furthermore, it also completed with a warm lighting and background of fully white wall painting. Combine with a green trees inside the room, it provide a comfortable dining experience that feel fresh and energizing.

Overall, this restaurant offers a fantastic dinner experience that might be different with other place. The concept that developed in this place making people enjoy their evening very well. Furthermore, it also a suitable place to hang out at night and to celebrate special occasion together. It is clearly shown in the interior style that combining a natural style with classic and beautiful atmosphere inside it.

Decide to come to Avra Madison Restaurant might be one of the good decision when you have time to visit the city. Not only will get a luxury dinner, it also will offer you an ambience of small palace that will bring you landed into other age. Through the exact design and interior, this project done by Rockwell group successfully bring the place into a magical look that will not expected by their guest at the beginning. Prove it yourself! (Source: Rockwellgroup)

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